Capital Campaign

Oregon State Fraternity of Phi Gamma Delta | Corvallis, Oregon

Capital Campaign

The Kappa Omicron Chapter has one of the most visually appealing chapter houses at Oregon State and throughout all FIJI chapters in the United States and Canada.

house left

348 in the Spring

The interior has been well-maintained, but is now currently being renovated.  The Kappa Omicron Association has set a goal to renovate all of the study rooms in the house.  In the summer of 2012, the KO Association renovated one study room to serve as a model for the planned renovation of all study rooms in the chapter house.


Model Study Room Renovation

Once the model room was completed, the KO Association asked graduate brothers to help fund future room renovations with tax deductible donations.  In the past six months, graduate brothers have contributed over $40,000 to fund the renovation of two additional study rooms.

A group of graduate brothers from 2000 to 2010 embarked on a 48-hour fundraising drive.  Their goal was to raise $20,000 in 48 hours to fund the renovation of one study room.  These brother surpassed their goal and raised $21,651 during the 48-hour fundraising drive.

48-Hour Fundraising Drive

48-Hour Fundraising Drive

Brother Don Bourne read about the fundraising drive and he and his wife pledged another $20,000 to fund the renovation of a second study room, which will be renamed the “Fabulous Forties Room.”  These two rooms—both located on the third floor—will be renovated this summer.

With funding now secured to renovate two additional rooms, we are only two rooms away from being able to renovate all of the study rooms on the third floor.  We’re looking for graduate brothers, parents, and other supporters of Kappa Omicron to follow the lead of the 40s and 00s graduate brothers and fund the remaining two rooms.  Our goal is to renovate all four rooms this summer to minimize the per-room costs.

For information on how to donate, click the “Donate Now” link on the home page.  If you would like additional information on the room renovation efforts, contact Brent Wilson at or 541.419.0879 or Jake Cramer at
or 503.810.2616.

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