Oregon State Fraternity of Phi Gamma Delta | Corvallis, Oregon

Upon entering college, it is essential for men to cultivate understanding for their morals and values, as well as how they fit into a greater community.  The environment and activities within the fraternity are designed to lead young men to identify their core values, and what it looks like to implement them on a regular basis.  Through intentional leadership development and providing opportunities for personal growth, fraternity life in the chapter serves as a guiding light for all members in their journey through college. Kappa Omicron allows members to interact with mentors within their respective college, set goals for their own personal development, and practice their leadership ability among their fellow peers.  For young men who seek to get more out of the average college experience, FIJI has much to offer.

Phi Gamma Delta is proud to offer the following to aid members in their growth and personal development:

  • Weekly presentations from prominent leaders within the OSU
    community regarding topics that are relevant to college men (Past
    speakers include President Ed Ray, various college deans, and
    student mentors, representatives from law enforcement, college athletes, etc ).
  • Clifton Strengths Test to identify top 5 personal strengths, along
    with professional leadership training in utilizing strengths.
  • Big brother/Little brother mentor program that pairs incoming
    members with an older member in the fraternity for relationship
    and guidance.
  • An incoming-member education program that challenges brothers
    to articulate as well as practice their morals and values within the

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