Diamond Cup

Oregon State Fraternity of Phi Gamma Delta | Corvallis, Oregon

On Saturday November 22nd 2015,  the Kappa Omicron Chapter held the very first annual FIJI Diamond Cup at Oregon State. Geoffrey Wildish, was the brother in charge and led one of the most successful philanthropies the chapter has seen. Geoff first got the idea from the Brothers down at Arizona State University who held their own FIJI Diamond Cup last year and was extremely successful. He then decided to adopt their idea and make it better and his own. The event consisted 4 parts; dance competition, impromptu dance, talent, and questionnaire.

The Ladies of Sigma Kappa, Chi Omega, Kappa Delta, Chi Theta Phi, Delta Gamma, and Delta Delta Delta all competed to win the FIJI Diamond Cup and they chose a girl who they thought was the best and brightest of their chapter, and lived up to the values to be a FIJI Diamond. The Diamonds all preformed a special talent of theirs on stage for the coaches and the crowd to show their skill. After that was the questionnaire where the girls were asked two questions each to show their ability to think on their feet as well as their humor and intelligence.

At the end of the event we named Tri Delta the winning chapter who showed the most enthusiasm, commitment and philanthropic efforts. We then continued to name the FIJI Diamond girl also from Tri Delta, Leah Merriam. The Ladies of Tri Delta did an amazing job and over all donated over $1,100, had 90% house participation, and a perfectly choreographed dance.

Overall the first annual FIJI Diamond Cup was a huge success raising almost $5,000 and getting 6 sororities to give full commitment; their favorite event was Waxing Wednesday where they paid almost $1,200 to wax our brothers throughout Wednesday and Thursday. We are happy to be writing a check to the Beauty Foundation to help those who are affected by cancer and to help them live normal lives.

Ever since 2015, FIJI Diamond Cup has been our most successful philanthropic event, raising the most money for the yearly benefactors!

Winners:                                                                                  Diamond Girls:

2015: Delta Delta Delta                                                       Leah Merriam (ΔΔΔ)

2016: Chi Omega                                                                 Melissa Mekediak (ΧΩ)

2017: Delta Delta Delta                                                      Maddie LaDue (ΧΘΦ)

2018: Kappa Delta                                                              Makenna McMillen (ΧΩ)

2019: Sigma Kappa                                                                  Erin Koch (ΧΩ)

Diamond Cup Winner