Oregon State Fraternity of Phi Gamma Delta | Corvallis, Oregon

Friendship and brotherhood leads us to foster an environment where enduring friendships encourage, enlighten, and  motivate individuals to realize their personal and academic potential. Our brothers can say with great confidence that we have the strongest brotherhood on campus.

FIJI members at JUMP, an event that welcomes new members of Greek Life at OSU into their new fraternities.

Building a strong brotherhood is important to our chapter.  We do this through participation in intramural sports, group philanthropy events, social functions, study groups, chapter retreats, and just hanging out with our fellow fraternity brothers.  If you’re looking for a place where you can become a part of a larger group and where there’s always someone to hang out with, FIJI is a great place to live.

Members can look forward to the following in joining a brotherhood:

  • Brotherhood events
    organized during school year
    (Ski trips, Shotgun trip,
    Bowling, Movie nights, etc)
  • Brotherhood retreats
    Once each term
  • Annual summer brotherhood
    events (Rafting, TopGolf, etc)
  • Big brother/Little brother mentor
    program for all new members
  • A chapter house that allows men
    to share a common space and


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