Oregon State Fraternity of Phi Gamma Delta | Corvallis, Oregon

The Kappa Omicron Chapter boasts an impressive 3.20 Average Chapter GPA, which
stands above Oregon State’s All Mens Average of 2.9, and also as the second highest
GPA of all fraternities at OSU. Through peer to peer mentoring, study groups, and
access to academic success coaches, our brothers consistently perform
academically. While our members work hard, our chapter is keen to reward all for
their diligence.  To view the scholarships offered by the fraternity, click here

Chapter house 1With members pursuing degrees in all different types of majors,  it is easy for brothers to find study partners and academic mentors within the same major in the fraternity.  In creating an environment where scholarship is of the greatest importance, the brothers of Kappa Omicron consistently stand at the top of Oregon State University’s academic realm.


Most recent academic performances:

3.20 Av. Chapter GPA, Spring term 2013

3.16 Av. Chapter GPA, Winter term 2013


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