Oregon Cure Relay

Oregon State Fraternity of Phi Gamma Delta | Corvallis, Oregon

Phi Gamma Delta Oregon Cure Relay – Supporting the LiveSTRONG Foundation

The Oregon Cure Relay is a philanthropic event coordinated by the gentleman of the Kappa Omicron Chapter of Phi Gamma Delta. The relay is based off of a similar relay between two FIJI chapters in Ohio and Michigan and benefits the Lance Armstrong Foundation or LIVESTRONG. During this event we recruit professional and private sponsors to donate to the Lance Armstrong Foundation and sponsor our relay from the away team’s stadium to the home team’s stadium, as the event is held the weekend of the OSU and UofO Civil War Game. Using a football as our baton, our brothers make the run of over 50 miles while celebrating brotherhood and rivalry.

The 54-mile trek earned about $4000 for LIVESTRONG this year, which is a larger amount than previous years. The first year of the Oregon Cure Relay the event raised around $2300 and the second year it raised around $3500. It is easy to see that there is a continuous increase in donations each year. Some local sponsors involved include: Pita Pit, ThinkIt and Wehage Engineering Solutions. We also raised money by allowing sororities to compete for a social event with the men of FIJI. This Greek competition raised nearly $2000 alone this year. We hope that in future years more businesses and more of the community will become involved.

Phi Gamma Delta has been recognized each year in the Daily Barometer and has been shown on local news channels. A large hope of ours is that the community will recognize what we are doing to help those with cancer and become more involved. We always encourage donations, supporters and the media. This media coverage is very beneficial to our cause as well as the two universities. OSU and UofO can always use more media coverage and we feel that our efforts encourage others to become involved in philanthropic activities. Another way the community benefits from this event is by sponsoring it; Pita Pit of Corvallis stands as a fantastic example. The Pita Pit donated 30% of profits raised in one night before the event to the Oregon Cure Relay. Not only was this a phenomenal way to raise money for the LIVESTRONG Foundation, but it also  generated a great deal of business for the Pita Pit. By helping us to raise money, they effectively increased their net-profit for the night with of our help in advertising.



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