Oregon State Fraternity of Phi Gamma Delta | Corvallis, Oregon


“We encourage Service. We have the ability, the opportunity, and the duty to serve our fellow human beings. Our reward is the satisfaction that comes from serving.”      – The Phi Gamma Delta Values

There has been a recent shift within the college community toward hosting fundraising events instead of providing direct service to charitable causes. The best service programs of chapters – those that have the greatest overall impact — will have brothers involved in both types of projects over the course of the year. We at KO work to have Philanthropies and Community Service events

The gentlemen of Phi Gamma Delta strive to develop relationships with many local organizations. As of 2012 we are actively donating our time and service to several local and national organizations, including:

-LiveStrong Foundation

-Habitat for Humanity

-Jackson Street Youth Shelter

-Heartland Humane Society


Habitat for Humanity

Total Community Service Hours: 275 Hours

During the Fall Term of the 2011-2012 academic year the brothers of Phi Gamma Delta began volunteering at Habitat for Humanity weekly. Our weekly scheduled time of service is Saturday from 10am til 2pm. We help the community with various activities at the Habitat for Humanity. The Habitat for Humanity helps to generate housing opportunities for those with low income. We have continuously been involved on two of the local projects.The activities we participated in for the Habitat for Humanity included digging, painting, basic construction and other manual labor. These activities are all crucial elements of the bigger project and the volunteer hours we and others offer are the only way that such projects can be completed. We hope to continue our cooperation with the Habitat for Humanity to continually benefit the Corvallis community.









Heartland Humane Society

Total Community Service Hours: 82 Hours

Working with the Heartland Humane Society in Corvallis has lead to a great connection with the community. The companionship that we and the animals receive from this experience offers the animals and us something to look forward to at the end of the week. Some real relationships have been founded with the animals taking shelter at Heartland. This event forges extended possibilities for the animals to find a home. By visiting the Heartland Humane Society we also grow as a Greek community by involving other chapters.Tasks that we complete at the Heartland Humane Society include walking dogs, petting cats and socializing with other animals. We are there for one to two hours weekly and generally invite a sorority to go with us. In the past we have visited the Heartland Humane Society primarily with Alpha Phi and project that the Greek involvement will expand to other chapters as well. We have made great connections with the employees and volunteers at the humane society and we are deeply emotionally involved with their success.





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