FIJI in the Community

Oregon State Fraternity of Phi Gamma Delta | Corvallis, Oregon

FIJI in the Community

As a student living on campus it can be very difficult to learn about the things happening around you in the community, and harder still to find opportunities to get involved. Our brothers have managed to bridge the gap
between classwork and the outside world that needs our help.

Based on the principles of Friendship, Knowledge, Service, Morality, and Excellence, the fraternity of Phi Gamma Delta prides itself on developing leaders who contribute to the community through

out their lives. Our living environment reflects this commitment to excellence and leadership, as evidenced by our voluntary declaration as a substance free chapter house.Service 1

As a chapter of 57 members, our brothers are committed to being a force of good within the community. To do so, each of our members have pledged to volunteer a minimum of 32 hours in service to the community per academic term. Before 2011, our chapter lacked a formal program to aid our members in identifying opportunities in community service. As a collective, we developed a program to connect our chapter with three community organizations to provide weekly service projects for our members. Each week, our brothers facilitate recreation activities with the Jackson Street Youth Shelter, build homes through Habitat for Humanity, and practice animal care with the Heartland Humane Society. The program has proved very successful, enabling our chapter to complete over 3,400 hours of service during the 2011-2012 academic year.

Service 2The greatest aspect of our community service program, has been enabling our members to engage in relationship with the key organizations that characterize our community. Not only do our members develop strong connections with community members, they take great personal pride in the part they play in helping these organizations accomplish their goals. While college is largely a time for personal investment and devotion, Phi Gamma Delta’s community service program ensures that each brother has the opportunity to contribute to something greater than his own needs, each and every week. In facilitating the program, it has been worthwhile to watch our brothers grow in their service towards others while learning more about the organizations that make our community more complete.

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